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Investing Options For You

In addition to helping people make great decisions about credit, Borrowell also recommends investing options that have helped Canadians grow their investments over time.

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Find Top Investing Options For You

Borrowell offers a simple way to compare various investing products available in the market. From competitive GICs to automated investing platforms, our recommendations will guide you towards great financial decisions.

We combine technology and expertise to recommend products that are best suited to your financial profile.

We always strive to give you investment recommendations that can be the simplest and smartest place to invest your money!

Top 5 Reasons Why Canadians Love Borrowell

Borrowell is Canada's leading credit education company and offers more than just free credit scores!

Free weekly credit score and report monitoring

Personalized financial product recommendations

Free credit improvement tips and education

Bank level security with 256-bit encryption

Checking your score with Borrowell won't hurt It!

How Does Borrowell Work?

Free Credit Monitoring

Sign up in just 3 minutes for free access to your Equifax credit score and report, which we update every single week.

Credit Education

The first in Canada, our AI-powered Credit Coach helps you understand your credit score and provides tips that may improve it.

Product Recommendations

Compare financial products from over 50+ partners and get personalized recommendations based on your credit profile.

Our Investing Partners

Here are a few of the trusted financial institutions that we partner with to provide our customers with favourable investing options. Our partners provide you with transparent information about their products as well as limited time special promotions.

Get Credit Monitoring And Investing

Check your free credit score and we'll provide you with great investing options for your credit profile.

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Understanding Payment Deferrals And Credit Scores During COVID-19

If you are experiencing reduced or limited income, you could be finding it hard to make monthly payments on time. However, defaulting or missing a due-date can cause a problem down the road, as payment history makes up 35% of your credit score. As a way to provide support during the coronavirus pandemic, big banks, lenders and governments are offering financial relief to help those struggling to make payments due to COVID-19.

Karman Kua

Mar 26, 2020

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