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Prepare Financially for Winter with an HSBC Chequing Account


Nov 02, 2020 4 min read

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HSBC Chequing
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    This blog post is sponsored by HSBC. Read our advertiser disclosure.

    Winter is coming. Whether you prefer staying warm indoors or going outside to enjoy the fresh cool air, you should start planning now for things you may need soon. A home-office setup is worth investing in to optimize your productivity during the winter. If you enjoy the great outdoors, start buying winter gear now, as hats, jackets, and snowpants will be hard to come by once snow starts hitting the ground. And even though it’s only October, you should also start thinking about the holiday season. Most holiday shopping will be done online, so now’s the best time to start before the best gifts sell out.

    As you prepare financially for the months ahead, you may also want to re-evaluate your banking needs and see what options are available to you. Opening an HSBC Chequing Account has many benefits for you to consider.

    What are some of the main benefits of an HSBC Chequing Account?

    Here are some of the main benefits of opening an HSBC Chequing Account:

    Make investments and waive chequing fees

    You can waive¹ your monthly chequing fees when you maintain a minimum balance with HSBC. The best part is that this money doesn’t need to be stuck in just your chequing account. You can maintain a combined minimum balance in TFSAs, RRSPs, and more with HSBC to waive monthly chequing fees.

    Share with family globally without additional costs

    Send money globally with $0 global wire transfer fees² for transfers under $10,000 CAD equivalent. If you have friends or family members that live across the globe, you can easily send them money to provide them with a little extra during the winter months or the holiday season.

    3 Main Benefits of an HSBC Advance Chequing Account

    If you’re a young professional who’s building your career or looking to buy your first home, an HSBC Advance Chequing Account may be a great chequing account option for you. This type of account can help you plan your financial future while providing tangible benefits. Here are 3 main benefits of opening an HSBC Advance Chequing Account:

    1. Say goodbye to monthly chequing fees

    HSBC will waive¹ the $25 monthly chequing fee if you either:

    a) Maintain personal deposits and investments of $5,000 or more with HSBC Bank Canada, which is great for young investors; or

    b) Hold a personal HSBC Bank Canada mortgage with an original amount of $150,000 or more, which is great for young couples who are currently house-hunting or mortgage shopping

    2. Access digital features

    Manage your finances digitally with an HSBC Advance Chequing account. Bank the way you want with access to mobile banking, Apple Pay, and free mobile cheque deposits. These digital-centric features are great for tech-savvy young professionals or those who are conscious about practicing safe social-distancing.

    3. Save on e-transfers

    With an HSBC Advance chequing account, you’ll have access to free INTERAC® e-transfers. This can come in handy if you’re pooling together money with others to buy a loved one a big Christmas present.

    3 Main Benefits of an HSBC Premier Chequing Account

    If you’re looking for even more benefits for you and your family, you may want to consider the HSBC Premier Chequing Account. This account has additional eligibility criteria, but if you qualify, it offers a more personalized banking experience along with some premium perks . Here are 3 main benefits of opening an HSBC Premier Chequing Account:

    1. Gain family benefits

    Get unlimited day-to-day banking for you, your partner, and your family so you can manage your family’s finances with ease. Your family can enjoy the same level of service and benefits including access to e-learning benefits, and youth account extensions that are designed specifically for your needs.

    2.  Receive personalized financial care

    Get personalized support from your very own Premier Relationship Manager, who can provide you with investment guidance and help you financially plan for retirement or your children’s education. Build a financial plan flexible enough to grow with you and your children.

    3. Obtain exclusive access to preferred rates

    By opening an HSBC Premier Chequing Account, you can get exclusive access to a variety of savings, investment, and loans offers. Find competitive mortgage rates and preferred loan rates that are made available only to HSBC Premier clients.

    Ready to make financial preparations for the winter months ahead? Start by looking into an HSBC Chequing Account and see if it’s the right fit for you.

    *Issued by HSBC Bank Canada

    ¹A monthly fee will be charged if you do not meet the eligibility criteria above six months after account opening. For full details regarding eligibility and any fees which may apply please refer to the Statement of Disclosure available at any HSBC Bank Canada branch or online at

    ²Agency/beneficiary bank fees may apply. Additional conditions apply.®Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

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