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BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card Review

The Borrowell Team

Aug 10, 2023 4 min read

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BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Review
Article Contents

    This blog post is sponsored by BMO. Read our advertiser disclosure.

    If you’re looking for a credit card that lets you earn rewards on your everyday purchases, the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card may be the right credit card for you. This lifestyle card combines the benefits of a rewards card with functionality similar to a cash back credit card. Here’s a breakdown of how this card works and the many perks you could receive by signing up.

    BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card Overview

    With the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card, you can easily earn BMO Rewards points on everyday purchases and redeem these points towards almost any purchase. You can earn 5x the BMO Rewards points for every dollar you spend on the following:

    • Groceries

    • Dining Out

    • Takeout/Food Delivery

    • Gas

    • Transit

    You’ll earn 1 BMO Rewards point for every $1 that you spend on anything else. You can use these points to buy a nice meal, pay for monthly subscriptions, purchase premium gifts, or even fund your dream vacation! Here’s an overview of the rates, fees, requirements, and perks of the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card.

    Feature: APR
    Cash Advances & Bank Transfers23.99% (21.99% for Quebec residents)
    Feature: Cash Advances & Bank Transfers
    23.99% (21.99% for Quebec residents)
    Annual Fee$120
    Feature: Annual Fee
    Annual Bonus$50
    Feature: Annual Bonus
    Welcome Bonus70,000 BMO Rewards points, annual fee waived first year
    Feature: Welcome Bonus
    70,000 BMO Rewards points, annual fee waived first year
    Individual Income Requirement$60,000
    Feature: Individual Income Requirement
    Household Income Requirement$100,000
    Feature: Household Income Requirement

    Have more questions about the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card? We’ve answered the top questions that you might have about this rewards card.

    How does BMO’s annual lifestyle credit work?

    The BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* card comes with a $50 lifestyle credit that gets credited to the primary cardholder’s account each year. You don’t have to meet any additional requirements to receive this credit; just keep your account open and in good standing to receive a $50 credit on your account. This $50 credit isn’t tied to BMO Rewards points, so you can use it for whatever you’d like. 

    What additional perks are there?

    Here are some additional perks that you can receive from this card.

    Mobile Device Insurance and other coverage

    With the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card, you’ll have access to Mobile Device Insurance. This provides coverage up to $1,000 if your mobile device is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged. This could potentially cover the cost of a new phone if you get a case of butterfingers. Other coverage offered by this card includes:

    • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance

    • Travel Insurance, including:

      • Out-of-Province/Country Emergency Medical Insurance

      • Common Carrier insurance

      • Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage insurance

    Get a 10% boost with an additional cardholder

    If you’re itching to earn more points, you can add an authorized user to your account to increase your bonus earn rate. Earn 10% more points when you add an authorized user to your account. For every dollar spent on groceries, dining, takeout, food delivery, gas, and transit, you’ll earn 5.5 BMO Rewards points instead of the usual 5 points. 

    Each authorized user has an annual fee of $50. If you’re looking to add an authorized user to your account, they should be at least 13 years old and have a Canadian address.

    How Do I Redeem BMO Rewards Points?

    You can redeem BMO Rewards points in three different ways:

    • Purchase merchandise from the BMO Rewards shop

    • Redeem BMO points for travel

    • Cover previous purchases with BMO’s “Pay With Points” Feature

    BMO Rewards Shop

    You can use BMO Rewards points to purchase a wide range of merchandise, gift cards, and products from the BMO Rewards Shop. The shop offers over 1,000 products from popular brands and retailers, and it’s updated with new merchandise and special offers monthly.

    BMO Points for Travel

    Got the travel bug? You could also save BMO Rewards points and use them for flights, hotels, car rental and vacation packages. Redeem your points for the retail price of your trip, including all flight charges and taxes. For example, you could redeem 63,176 points for a flight from Vancouver to Chicago. Earn points now with a BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card and start planning out your future dream vacation!

    BMO’s “Pay With Points” Feature

    When you become a BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* cardholder, paying with points you’ve earned is a simple three-step process.

    1. Sign into your BMO Rewards account and select the Pay with Points tab

    2. Browse your recent transactions and select which eligible purchase you want to redeem points for

    3. Choose how many points you would like to redeem toward your purchase

    You could redeem points on things that you’ve been hesitant to spend on this year. Use BMO Rewards points to pay for your monthly streaming service, try a meal kit delivery subscription, buy takeout after a long work week, and more.

    Who is eligible for a BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card?

    To be eligible for a BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card, applicants must meet the minimum income requirements. You'll need an individual annual income of $60,000 or an annual household income of $100,000, OR a minimum declared current annual spend of $15,000.

    What’s the deadline for BMO’s welcome bonus?

    To receive BMO’s welcome bonus of 60,000 points, you’ll need to apply before May 31, 2024. If you apply after this date, you won’t be eligible for the welcome bonus.

    Get the most value out of your day-to-day purchases and spend points exactly how you want to with a BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card.

    This post was sponsored by BMO. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are those of Borrowell. BMO is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of information on this website.

    *Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

    Terms and conditions apply

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