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Borrowell Launches "Baseball Loans"


Sep 04, 2015 3 min read

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Toronto Blue Jays Announce Playoff Ticket Prices – Borrowell Launches ‘Baseball Loan’

Toronto Blue Jays Announce Playoff Ticket Prices for the First Time in 23 Years – and, of course, ticket prices are through the roof!

Marketplace lender Borrowell launches a ‘Baseball Loan’ to help people be smarter about paying for those pricey tickets

The Toronto Blue Jays have become the darling of Toronto for the first time in many years. After finishing a record-setting August with a record of 21-6, the Blue Jays have over 99% mathematical chance of making the playoffs. This would end their ever so long-lasting 23 year playoff drought, returning the team to October Baseball for the first time since their memorable back-to-back World Series wins in 1992-1993.

The team recently accounted their post-season ticket prices and they are steep, especially compared to those Toonie Tuesday nosebleed days we so fondly remember!

  • A 500 level ticket (e.g. the old ‘Toonie Tuesday’ seats) will cost you $60 for the ALDS, $110 for the ALCS and $200 for the World Series.

  • A good 100 or 200 level ticket will cost you $125 for the ALDS, $225 for the ALCS and $420 for the World Series.

  • If you’re lucky enough to swing an “In The Action” seat, it will cost you $425 for the ALDS, $750 for the ALCS and a whopping $1,400 for the World Series.

With the city buzzing over the newfound team success, fans are anxious about securing tickets and finding the budget to pay for them. For some, finding the budget may be difficult

Borrowell, a Toronto startup that uses a similar approach as Airbnb but for lending, focuses on helping Canadians be smarter about their debt by offering fixed interest term loans. They want fans who are planning to put playoff tickets on high-interest credit cards to then pay them off with a lower-interest loan.

The new innovative solution matches lenders with borrowers exclusively online and cuts down the cost and inconvenience of traditional bank loans. It’s a growing global phenomenon called marketplace lending and rapidly taking off in Canada and around the world. Launching the ‘Baseball Loan’ gives fans with good credit who were planning to rack up their credit card debt a smart way to purchase these once-in-a-lifetime tickets.

“We know fans are going to be purchasing tickets on their credit cards and then letting high interest fees rack up their debt,” said Andrew Graham, CEO of Borrowell. “People are eager to see the next Joe Carter homerun and will do what it takes no matter what. If people choose to go into debt for tickets, we want to urge them to be smart about it and consider a responsible, low interest term loan rather than leaving debt on a high interest credit card.”

Fans interested in getting a personalized loan offer can check their rate in less than one minute at The simple form involves no obligation and won’t affect your credit score to check.

To celebrate the launch of the Baseball Loan and the success of the Blue Jays, anyone who checks their rate at between now and the end of the Regular Season will qualify to win a David Price autographed photo

About Borrowell Borrowell is an innovative Canadian online lender that offers fast, fair, and friendly personal loans. We help responsible Canadians with good credit eliminate their credit card debt today and sleep better tonight. Find out more at

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Borrowell is dedicated to making financial stability possible for everyone. With over 3 million members, the company offers free credit scores in Canada, education, weekly credit monitoring, credit building solutions, as well as digital tools like AI-powered credit coaching and personalized financial product recommendations. For more information, visit or download the mobile app for Android or iOS.

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