5 Reasons Why Borrowell Loves Drop

Rachel Surman

Aug 02, 2017

What is Drop, you say? It’s only the best new rewards app on the market. But no worries if you haven’t heard of it just yet, because your pals here at Borrowell have your back.

We’re all about saving you money and Drop wants to help save you money, too.  is a financial technology company focused on bringing value to millennials. It’s designed to fit into any lifestyle – anyone can earn rewards, even if you don’t use a credit card.

This is precisely why Drop is giving Borrowell customers $5 (5,000 pts) just for downloading the app. All you need to do is  or use the code “borrowell-bonus,” link your cards, and voilà! You’ll have $5 in rewards in your pocket.

Need to know a little more before you sacrifice that oh-so-precious phone storage? We get it – the struggle is real. Here are the 5 reasons we absolutely love Drop and we know you will, too.

1. No more loyalty cards

We all want a jammed-packed wallet – but not with loyalty cards. Drop is a wholly digital experience, so you’ll never have to rifle through your wallet again, only to find you forgot one of your many points cards at home.

2. It’s seamless and easy to use

If there’s one thing we understand at Borrowell, it’s the importance of a seamless transaction. We know our customers want a quick and simple experience, which is why we offer  in under three minutes.

Drop is also supremely simple to use, as it works by supercharging your debit or credit card by linking it with the app. Every time you spend with a Drop partner, you automatically earn points.

3. Get rewards for doing what you already do

You already splurge at Starbucks, so get rewarded for it! Drop lets you choose from your favourite brands, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Uber, Lululemon, and tons more. You can then redeem your points for gift cards for these brands, which are sent instantly to your inbox.

We know what you’re thinking – what about my other rewards cards? You get points on top of what you’re already earning with your credit cards and other rewards programs, which is pretty fantastic.

4. Drop is super secure

Understandably, security is top of mind for many when banking information is involved. All data Drop collects is completely anonymous and secured using bank-level 256-bit encryption.

5. Drop actually wants you to redeem

Have you ever had a loyalty card for years and years and finally checked your earnings – and found you could buy a can of pop with your rewards? Drop wants you to earn quickly and redeem quickly. It gives you tons of options from the brands you love, so you don’t need to collect for your retirement.

This is also why Drop is giving Borrowell customers  from the get-go. But, the offer is only valid until August 15, 2017, so get those rewards while you can!

To learn more about the app Borrowell fell in love with, check out the website .

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