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Borrowell Accessibility Policy

Borrowell strives to achieve accessibility for all. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation  (“AODA”) and will ensure that we offer a safe and welcoming environment that is respectful of each person’s abilities. 

Statement of Commitment

At Borrowell, we believe in the dignity and worth of all individuals, and promote inclusivity and accessibility in how we do business. We’re committed to providing a barrier-free environment for our customers, employees, job applicants, visitors and other stakeholders who interact with our business or access our information. It is our goal as an organization to uphold the requirements of all legislation, including AODA. Our commitment to making our organization accessible to everyone includes the integration of accessibility legislation with our policies, procedures, programs and training, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as practices, procedures, or regulations change.


This policy describes how Borrowell provides its programs, goods and services in a manner that respects the dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity of persons with disabilities. Borrowell will establish, implement, maintain and document a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlining its strategy to prevent and remove barriers and meet its requirements under AODA. Borrowell will post its Accessibility Plan on its intranet and provide the plan in an accessible format upon request.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors and consultants of Borrowell and every person who participates in developing policies, practices, procedures of Borrowell that address or have the potential to impact accessibility. 



Human Resources will be responsible for this policy and its administration. Borrowell employees will be responsible for cooperating with all parties to facilitate workplace accommodation and are required to take an active role in support of accessibility requirements as outlined in AODA. All employees who deal with members of the public or third parties on behalf of Borrowell will be responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy. 


Borrowell is committed to providing training to all employees and other representatives of Borrowell who deal with the public or other third parties on behalf of Borrowell, as well as those who are involved in the development of policies, programs, practices that address the provision of Borrowell’s goods and services.

Training will be completed within the first 3 months of employment at Borrowell and will be provided in a way that best suits the roles of employees and volunteers. Content includes an introduction to AODA, an explanation of the 5 standards of AODA, and best practices that pertain to our business. Borrowell will maintain records on the training provided, when it was provided, and the number of employees who were trained.

Information and Communications

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

Borrowell is committed to meeting the communication needs of persons with disabilities. When communicating with a person with a disability, individuals working on behalf of Borrowell will do so in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability and will make a reasonable effort to have the person with a disability understand both the content and intent of the communications. When asked, we will provide information and communications materials in accessible formats or with communication support. This includes publicly available information about our goods, services and facilities, as well as publicly available emergency information.

Borrowell will consult with persons with disabilities when customizing individual requests  to determine their information and communication needs.


Those seeking employment at Borrowell will be notified that accommodations may be made for persons with disabilities, upon request, during the recruitment, assessment, and selection processes. Workplace information that is required to perform a job will be provided in accessible formats to employees with disabilities. Individualized emergency evacuation plans will be created, as required, to ensure a safe evacuation for persons with disabilities. 

Performance Management, Career Development and Advancement

Borrowell will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities, as well as individual accommodation plans, when conducting performance management, providing career development and advancement of employees. 

Use of Assistive Devices, Service Animals and/or Support Persons

Borrowell has designed its goods and services with specific product guidelines that allow customers to optimize the accessibility of the product. In addition, persons with disabilities are welcome to use a personal assistive device to obtain, use or benefit from Borrowell’s goods and services. Borrowell will make every effort to allow for the use of a personal assistive device unencumbered.

Borrowell welcomes support persons to accompany persons with disabilities on a Borrowell premises in order to help with communication, mobility, personal care or other reasons related to his/her disability.

Persons with disabilities on Borrowell’s premises are welcome to be accompanied by a guide dog or other service animal for reasons related to his/her disability, except as prohibited by law or when another individual’s health and safety could be seriously compromised by the presence of a service animal.

Customer Service

Access to Product & App

Borrowell will seek to provide barrier-free access to the Borrowell product and app for all users. Accessibility requirements will be assessed and incorporated as the product and app continues to be built. Where barriers cannot be removed, alternate means for accessing the product will be provided to the best of Borrowell’s ability.


Borrowell welcomes the opportunity for collaboration and feedback related to the achievement of the accessibility requirements and standards outlined in this policy.

As it relates to the provision of Borrowell’s goods and services, individuals representing Borrowell will accept verbal feedback and will use sensitivity and diplomacy to address any issues immediately when possible. We invite customer feedback on our efforts to ensure accessible customer service. We invite customers to reach out via email at or by [email protected].

Borrowell is committed to responding to and investigating all complaints of discrimination based on disability. If a complaint is found to have merit, immediate steps will be taken to investigate and address the conduct at issue. All feedback will be reviewed and replies will be provided as soon as practicable. 

Notice of Temporary Disruption to Services or Facilities

Should any aspects of our facilities be used by persons with disabilities, a notice will be publicly posted in Borrowell’s internal communication tools including information about the reason for the disruption, anticipated duration, and a description of alternative facilities or services if available.

In the event that Borrowell’s products or services are interrupted, we will make every reasonable effort to provide updates on the disruption and indicate when the services will resume. In some circumstances, such as the situation of an unplanned event or emergency, advance notice may not be possible. 

Building Accessibility

Borrowell will ensure that the Borrowell office, including building interior and exterior, are designed to facilitate barrier-free access to goods or services for employees. If areas of the built environment are not accessible for certain individuals with disabilities, Borrowell will work with the individual to provide an alternate means of access.

Borrowell’s Accessibility Plan

Borrowell has established a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for the Toronto site, which is maintained on an ongoing basis. The purpose of the Accessibility Plan is to proactively identify, remove and prevent barriers to persons with disabilities in Borrowell’s policies, programs, practices and services in Ontario. Full details on the plan can be found at the following page: Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.