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A 'Boost' To Help Get Ahead Of Your Bills

Borrowell Boost predicts your upcoming bills so you can make your payments on time and protect your credit score. If you don't have enough cash to pay your bills, get a $75 interest-free cash advance to cover your expenses — no credit check needed.

Why Boost?

Did You Know? Missing 1 bill payment can have a big affect on your credit score — even up to a 150 point decrease. Monitoring changes to your score is important, and that's why we update it for our members regularly. But our new tool Boost does more — it can help protect and improve your credit. Boost will track your bills, send you alerts, predict your cash flow, AND give you $75 cash interest-free (if you need it).

How Boost Works

Track & Improve Your Score

Your credit score is like your financial report card, and you shouldn't avoid it. Knowing your credit score is the first step to improving it.

Review Your Upcoming Bills

Once you’re tracking your credit score, you can start tracking your bills too. Connect your bank account and let Boost automatically forecast your upcoming bills.

See Your Predicted Bank Balance & Cash Flow

In addition to forecasting your upcoming bills, Boost will predict your bank balance for the month. You’ll know what your cash flow will be as bills become due.

Get Bill Reminders & Low Balance Alerts

Get alerts straight to your phone when your bills are due or if your cash flow is getting too low.

Get a $75 Cash Advance Interest-Free (No Credit Check)

If your cash flow is getting too low, you can also take a $75 cash advance interest-free - no credit check needed.

Boost - the first tool of its kind in Canada!

Similar to popular apps in the U.S., Canadians can now get the ‘boost’ they need to stay on top of their finances and build good financial habits. 30-day free trial. Cancel any time.

Learn More About Bill Tracking with Boost

Available exclusively on the Borrowell mobile app, Borrowell Boost is a finance tracker that predicts your upcoming bills and income. This can help you plan ahead, manage your cash flow, and ensure you don't miss any bills payments.

Frequently missed or late bill payments can have a negative impact on your credit score. In fact, 35% of your Equifax score is based on payment history. One missed payment can decrease your credit score by 150 points.

If your cash flow doesn't align with your bill payments, Borrowell offers a fast $75 interest-free cash advance right to your account. This can help you pay your bills on time and save on costly bank fees.

You can try Borrowell Boost for 30 days, free of charge. After this period, there is a monthly subscription of $4.99 + tax (cancel anytime) that is automatically charged to your linked account.

Once you securely connect your bank account, Borrowell looks at your historical transactions to identify recurring bills and income to predict future balances. We use advanced algorithms to identify trends and patterns to help you see what you’ll have in your account and plan ahead.

Yes, you need to be a Borrowell member to use Boost. Signing up only takes a few minutes and is completely free. As a member, you get ongoing access to your free credit score as well as ongoing personalized tips, tools and support to help you improve your finances. We update your credit score and credit report every single week, free of charge.

Bank Level Security

We're Committed To Keeping Your Data Safe

Borrowell uses advanced 256-bit SSL data encryption and views historical data to make bill and balance predictions. We won't share your personal details with unauthorized third-parties or initiate a transaction without your consent.

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More Benefits of the Mobile App

Free Credit Monitoring

Free access to your Equifax credit score and report which are updated monthly.

Credit Education

Molly - Canada’s first AI-powered credit coach, offers you personalized tips to improve your credit score.

Personalized Recommendations

Recommendations from over 50 financial partners offering credit cards, mortgages, loans, investing, insurance, and banking.

Download the App

Track and improve your credit score anytime. See everything in one place and get notifications and reminders to pay your bills on time.

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