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A ‘Boost’ to help get ahead of bills.

Introducing Borrowell Boost, a new set of tools designed to help you avoid late bill payments and protect your credit score. Launching in Spring 2020, Boost will be available to Borrowell members on our mobile app. Interested in early access? Join our waitlist!

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How it Works

Predict Bills and Balances

Boost automatically estimates your bills and balances using your account history. At a glance you can see things in one place, and plan ahead.

Get Reminders and Alerts

Receive bill reminders, low- balance alerts and updates to help you pay on time and avoid overdraft fees.

Advance $100 Interest-Free

In a pinch? Borrowell has you covered. Advance $100 interest-free directly into your account. Pay it back within 30 days.

35% of your score is based on payment history.

Late or missed bills can stay on your credit report for up to seven years! Not a member? Start by finding out your score and take control of your financial health with education and easy to use tools.

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Bank Level Security

We're committed to keeping your data safe.

Borrowell uses advanced 256-bit SSL data encryption and only views historical data to make bill and balance predictions. We won't share your personal details with unauthorized third-parties or initiate a transaction without your consent.

Boost FAQs

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Free Credit Monitoring

Free access to your Equifax credit score and report which are updated monthly.

Credit Education

Molly - Canada’s first AI-powered credit coach, offers you personalized tips to improve your credit score.

Personalized Recommendations

Recommendations from over 50 financial partners offering credit cards, mortgages, loans, investing, insurance, and banking.

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