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life insurance online

Is Buying Life Insurance Online A Good Idea?

This post is guest written by our partners at Breathe Life. Live in the moment, plan for your future. As the life insurance industry has slowly caught up with the changing habits of its clients, more and more providers are now… Read More

Breathe Life

September 17, 2018

car insurance in Ontario

Car Insurance In Ontario: The Rate Rise And What It Means For You

Do you drive a car? Listen up! The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) recently approved premium rate increases for car insurance in Ontario for new and existing drivers. You may be wondering why the rates increased for car insurance in… Read More


July 23, 2018

the pizza principle

Financial Planning 101: The Pizza Principle

One of the best definitions of financial planning was suggested by a team of Canadian university professors who boiled it down to a single question: “What course of action will help me maximize my standard of living – in the… Read More

Michael Wickware

May 25, 2018

find the right auto insurance

What Are The Factors That Determine My Auto Insurance Rate? How To Find The Right Auto Insurance

This may not be the news you were hoping for – but your auto insurance rate will most likely increase come renewal time. Unfortunately, recent reports indicate that insurance rates are due to increase in 2018 in Ontario. Both private… Read More

Rachel Surman

April 26, 2018