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5 Ways To Have A Family Day To Remember - Without Breaking The Bank

Francey Forster

Feb 13, 2020 5 min read

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grandfather and grandaughter spending Family Day Together

First celebrated in Alberta in 1990, Family Day is a holiday dedicated to cherishing our families and the ones we love and count on most. Although some provinces call it by a different name (in Manitoba, for example, it’s more commonly known as Louis Riel Day), most Canadian’s relish the opportunity to get a day off to spend with their loved ones. 

For people who like to watch their spending, this day can evoke a bit of stress and anxiety when thinking about activities to do for the whole family. Movie tickets can range from $8 for children to $16.50 for adults. Not to mention that the average cost per month for a family to eat out is now $300. Clearly, a day off with family, which is meant to be relaxing and fun, can end up costing you more than you bargained for, but have no fear! Borrowell is here to help with 5 ways to have a memorable Family Day without breaking the bank.

1. Get in touch with your Canadian side 

Canadian winters are nothing to shy away from on a day off. Why not embrace your Canadian side and take a trip to a local toboggan hill with the whole family? Toboggans can be found for pretty cheap, like this one from Canadian Tire, for under $10. If tobogganing isn’t your thing, or if you can’t find any hills near you, any other snowy, winter activity is sure to keep you and the family entertained for hours on end. Build a snowman (or snow family), make snow angels, or even challenge your family to a snowball fight! Regardless of what you choose, a family day spent outdoors is guaranteed to result in a tired but satisfied brood. And on the plus side, with all the money you saved by going outdoors, there will probably be enough left in the budget for a hot cocoa after all the fun in the snow!

2. Have your own personal movie night 

Netflix has become a staple in most households, with 6.78 million subscribers in Canada as of 2019. While everyone has their own profiles and enjoys their own shows, when was the last time you and your whole family came together and watched a movie altogether? Since Family Day falls on a Monday, you could even binge watch a whole movie series throughout the weekend (I’m no wizard, but I can certainly see a Harry Potter marathon in your near future). You could even amp up your movie watching experience and create a pillow fort in the living room to maximize family snuggles and warmth.

3. Who needs a restaurant when you can make your own gourmet meal?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the cost of taking the whole family out to eat at a restaurant can get pricey. So, for this Family Day, gather all the chefs in your house and have everyone help prepare a fancy meal for the whole family. Not only does making your meals at home save you money, but health experts confirm it is also healthier. Involving the whole family in meal preparation is also a great way to bond with your kids and inspire a passion for food and cooking. 

Even if you have very young kids, they can still participate in small ways. For example, preschool aged children can use forks and spoons to help mash softer foods, and can pour pre-measured ingredients into the mixing bowl. Grade school children can read out recipes and instructions, wash fruits and veggies and crack eggs. Older kids can work smaller appliances and, under your supervision, begin learning how to bake, boil, fry, and sauté.  

Plus, while the kids clean up afterwards, you can take a quick break and check your credit score with Borrowell. Checking your credit score through Borrowell is a soft check that won’t impact your score and is completely free. Talk about a cherry on top!

4. Take the day to give back to your community 

Family Day is a day to feel extra grateful for the ones who love us and support us unconditionally and is a great opportunity to give back. Studies have shown that volunteering in one’s community increases mental well-being and community spirit. Canadian volunteers reported that their altruistic deeds actually helped them develop new skills, while improving other skills such as communication, organization, and fundraising. Not to mention that children of parents who volunteer regularly are twice as likely to become regular volunteers themselves later in life. 

There is no lack of volunteer opportunities you and your family can participate in. Soup kitchens are always in need of volunteers, especially during the colder months when the demand for these respites from the harsh weather are much higher. Your local humane society is also always looking for volunteers to help care for the animals or clean their enclosures. Another idea could be to arrange a community clean up, where you and your family, and any other neighbours or community members you can rally up, can work together picking up litter off the streets or in your local parks. If it’s too snowy for a clean-up, you could also help some of your elderly or mobility-impaired neighbours by shovelling their sidewalks and driveway. Regardless of where you choose to volunteer, you’re guaranteed to feel amazing at the end of the day for all your good deeds.

5. Learn about personal finance with the kids

While it may not be your kids idea of family fun, it's important to get them learning about personal finance at a young age. Having them learn about money by teaching them to create a budget is a great start. Some parents play fun family board games like Monopoly to work in money lessons. Depending on the age of your kids, it might be helpful to have a small lesson on responsible credit card use and the importance of on-time payments. Incentivize the learnings with going to do one of the fun activities listed above after the lesson! And if you haven't already, don't forget to check your credit score with Borrowell. Checking your credit score is the first step to improving your financial well-being.

Whatever you choose to do this Family Day (or Louis Riel Day), we at Borrowell hope you have a safe and happy holiday filled with lots of family-time fun!

Francey Forster
Francey Forster

Francey is the manager of Customer Success at Moves and a former member of the Borrowell team. Francey is dedicated to creating positive customer experiences in the financial services industry.