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Terms & Conditions

You agree and consent to Borrowell Inc. (“Borrowell”) transferring the personal information that you have entered into your Summary of Rent Details to FrontLobby Financial Inc. ("FL") for processing, and to the FL Terms of Service as amended from time to time, for the following purposes:

  • FL communicating your request for rent reporting to your landlord on your behalf; and

  • FL creating an account for you on the FL platform for your and your landlord’s use which will include the creation of a Lease Record of your tenancy and the following activities:

    • Verifying ongoing rent payments you make and rent payments you miss; and

    • Processing the transfer of your personal and tenancy information to select credit bureaus (also known as credit or consumer reporting agencies and currently including Equifax Canada Co. and Landlord Credit Bureau) for inclusion on your credit reports.

You may withdraw consent at any time to the continued transfer and disclosure of such information to the credit bureaus by logging into your free account with FL and unchecking the consent checkbox therein or contacting FL at [email protected].

You represent that the name and contact information of your landlord that you have provided to Borrowell is correct and understand that once they verify their identity with FL, the personal and tenancy information that you have entered in the Summary of Rent Details will be shared with your landlord.