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You need to know your credit score. Your potential landlord may check your credit score and report to decide if you're a good tenant. Get your free credit score with Borrowell - checking won't hurt your credit!

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Borrowell is proudly Canadian and was first to offer free credit scores in Canada.

Why do I need to know my score?

It is important to know your credit score whether you want to rent or buy a property as it is a key indicator of financial health and can signal your ability to pay your rent or mortgage.

Research shows a positive correlation between credit monitoring and score improvement. Our most active users have seen an average improvement of 18 points over time with Borrowell.

Sign up to get your free credit score, monthly credit report monitoring and helpful tips that may improve your score. Checking your score with Borrowell won't hurt you credit!

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We believe you need to know your score to improve it and we are proud to offer free credit score monitoring and much more.

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Unlimited free credit monitoring

Checking your score won't hurt it!

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On average, Borrowell's most active members achieve a score improvement of 18 points.

Buying Your Next Home?

Free Equifax Credit Score

Sign up to get your free credit score and tips that may improve your credit.  Increasing your score can help to improve the rates and mortgages you qualify for.

Compare Mortgage Rates

Our Mortgage Coach will use your credit profile and ask a few simple questions to find and compare your best rates from 40+ lenders.

Get a Mortgage Expert

Discuss your best rates with an experienced mortgage professional who can guide you through the process.

Monitor Your Credit And More

Over 1 million members have signed up with Borrowell to get free monitoring and helpful tips that may improve their score!

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