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Looking To Rent An Apartment?

Start by checking your credit report. Your new landlord may review your credit score to help them decide if you'd be a good tenant. Get your free credit score with Borrowell. Checking won't hurt your credit!

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Why do I need to know my credit score before deciding to move?

It's important to know your credit score before filling out a rental application. Your credit score is a key indicator of financial health and can signal your ability to pay rent to your future landlord. When a landlord receives your rental application, they'll also make an inquiry about your credit to review. This is called a hard inquiry or a hard credit check. A hard inquiry, which your landlord may pull when reviewing your application, will result in a slight decrease to your score.

Be prepared by checking your credit score for free before you submit your application. Checking your Equifax credit score with Borrowell is a soft inquiry that will have no impact on your credit score. Keep monitoring your credit score for free to stay on top of your finances and put your best foot forward when applying for a new home.

Be Prepared So You Can Snag That Rental

When you find your dream apartment, it could be someone else’s dream apartment too. The rental market is extremely competitive. The sooner you have these documents ready for your landlord, the more likely you'll be moving in.

Your credit report

Proof of employment and recent pay stubs

Photo ID


Security Deposit

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