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Get Your Free Credit Score in Canada

Your credit score can have a big impact on your financial future. Sign up for Borrowell to get your credit score and credit report for free! Join over 3 million Canadians and get the tools you need to help understand, manage, and master your credit - in under 3 minutes. Checking your credit score with Borrowell won't hurt your score.

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How to Check Your Credit Score in Canada

How to Check your Credit Score in Canada

With Borrowell, you can get your credit score in Canada for free! Signing up takes less than 3 minutes, and no credit card is required. Once you've signed up for Borrowell, you can download your Equifax credit report for free AND check your credit score at any time without hurting it. Plus, you'll receive weekly updates on how your score has changed. Stay on top of your credit health with Borrowell.

Check Your Credit Score

How Borrowell Can Help

Sign up with Borrowell in just under three minutes

Monitor & Track

Sign up for free in just 3 minutes with no commitment or impact on your credit score. Track your success, flag errors and spot fraudulent activity.

Credit Improvement Education

Understand & Improve

Canada's first AI-powered Credit Coach, Molly, will share personalized tips, articles, and tools that may help improve your credit.

Mobile showing different financial product recommendation based on your Credit Report

Find the Right Product

Get automatically matched with financial products from over 75+ partners that fit your credit profile. See your likelihood of approval and apply in just a few clicks.

Why Are Your Credit Score and Report So Important?

Your credit report is like your financial report card, and your credit score is like your final grade. In Canada, banks and lenders review your credit when you apply for financial products. Your credit report can also be pulled by car dealerships, insurers, cell phone companies, landlords, and future employers to determine your ability to manage debt and meet financial obligations. Because of this, it's important to know your credit.

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What's a Good Credit Score in Canada?

What's a Good Credit Score in Canada?

A good credit score in Canada is any score between 713 and 900. Credit scores in Canada range between 300 and 900. There are five distinct categories that your credit score could fall into, ranging from poor to excellent. Having a good credit score can help you qualify for financial products at lower interest rates. Not sure where you stand? Check your credit score with Borrowell!

Find Out Your Score

Take Control of Your Finances

Credit Improvement Education

Understand and Track Your Credit. Anytime

Start with your FREE credit score, then get weekly updates to learn how your credit score has changed, see what's been added to your credit report, and spot any inquiries made on your credit file.

Monitor your Credit
How to invest your money according to your financial profile

Improve Your Score. Achieve Your Goals

Work to improve your score and tackle debt with personalized tips, tools, and product recommendations that match your credit profile.

Improve Your Credit
Loans to Make a Big Purchase

Master Your Credit Health

Get matched with the best products from over 50 partners to help you improve your financial health. Plus, get access to innovative tools that can help you plan ahead, pay bills on time, and budget more effectively.

Get Recommendations

Embark is Excited to Partner with Borrowell

Embark and Borrowell want to help you improve your financial health. One of the keys to managing your financial health is understanding your credit. Thanks to this new partnership, Embark users can receive free credit monitoring, access to a financial marketplace that allows users to compare credit products from across Canada, and access to Borrowell's suite of credit building products, like Credit Builder and Rent Advantage.

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