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General Questions

Borrowell's bill tracking feature is available exclusively on our mobile app. Connect your bank account and we'll do the rest. We'll analyze your historical transactions to identify your recurring bills and predict your future balances. We'll notify you when bills are due or when we predict your balance will run low. Stay organized and never miss a payment.

We use 256-bit encryption, which is the same encryption banks use to ensure your private information is kept safe and secure. We will never share your personal details or initiate transactions from your account without consent. If you notice suspicious behaviour in your account, please contact your bank directly.

Borrowell's bill tracking features are currently available exclusively on the Borrowell mobile app. Click here to download the app!

Making bill payments on time can help you improve and protect your credit score. Your Equifax credit score is based on many factors, including your payment history. In fact, your ability to pay bills on time accounts for 35% of your credit score. Paying bills on time can help you increase your score. On the other hand, frequently missed or late bill payments can have a negative impact on your credit score. Missing 1 bill payment can have a big affect on your credit score — even up to a 150 point decrease. Borrowell can help you make sure you never miss a bill payment again.

Access to bill tracking is currently not available in Saskatchewan and Quebec.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about security or features, please contact [email protected].

Bank Account FAQs

Start connecting your bank account from the Bills tab. Simply select your bank from the list, or use the search option. Once selected, use your bank's login info to securely connect your account. You will likely be asked to answer your bank security questions to guarantee safety. We connect to all major Canadian banks and most other financial institutions. If you don't see your bank in the list, we unfortunately do not support it at this time.

Connect your primary chequing account where you pay most of your bills and receive income. We currently do not support credit card, saving, investment or prepaid accounts.

If you are using the free Bills feature, you can change your bank account at any time. Simply go to the Bills section within settings and find the option to change your bank account from the "Bank Account'' section. If your bank account has closed, please contact us.

We may lose connection to your bank account from time to time. Don’t worry; this can happen sometimes, but it's easy to resolve. Your bank's security measures may cause third parties like Borrowell to lose connection with your account. You will notice at the top of your Bills dashboard that you need to reconnect your account. Tap that and follow the prompt to answer a security question.

Banks have your best interest to keep your account safe. If you have turned on a security question or a security code option with your bank — in addition to your regular login username and password credentials — this may cause issues for us to establish and maintain a connection to your account. For best results and to maintain a strong connection with Borrowell, you can turn off MFA (multi-factor authentication) and security questions on your bank account. If you have extra security on your account, it is difficult for us to receive real-time updates or maintain a secure connection. We are constantly looking to reduce issues around bank connectivity. You can contact us with any issues or questions.

We update your bank account information once a day, and every time you log to the app. The refresh process will kick-off when you login. Once complete, you can pull to refresh on your Bills dashboard to get your up to date information.

If you are still seeing old bank account information after you pull to refresh, please contact us.

Bills and Income FAQs

Once you securely connect your bank account, Borrowell looks at your historical transactions to identify recurring bills and income to predict future balances. We use data models to identify trends and patterns to help you see what you’ll have in your account and plan ahead.

We do our best to accurately predict your bills and balance, but sometimes we're off. When you first set-up your account, we show you the bills and income we've predicted. You can then edit bills and income by tapping on the overview card on the dashboard, then click on the ‘pencil' icon at the top right corner. You can edit the description, amount or date. If you’re looking to add a new bill or income source, you can find a '+' symbol to the far left of your bills on the dashboard screen.

If we’ve incorrectly identified a bill or income from your transactions, you can simply remove it by tapping on the overview card on the dashboard, then click on the ‘trash' symbol at the top right corner.

We use historical data to identify upcoming bills, so if you have recently cancelled a subscription it may take one month for this to process. You can add, edit or remove bills as you see fit. However, if you notice suspicious behaviour or unknown bills on your account, please contact your bank directly.

Additional Support

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about security or features, please contact [email protected].

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