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Unlock love with your credit score!

Introducing Datewell, the latest feature from Borrowell that matches you with other singles based on your credit profile. Datewell is free for Borrowell members!

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Credit Scores Predict Love with 95% Accuracy

Datewell Credit Score

What if your credit score was the key to finding love? A recent Borrowell study found that credit scores are the highest predictor of romantic compatibility, with 95% accuracy.¹

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How Datewell Can Help You With Money and Love

According to Psychology Today, money is one of the top 3 causes for divorce.

Borrowell’s mission is to make financial prosperity available to all Canadians, which includes empowering you to talk about finances with each other, no matter how awkward that may initially feel.

With Datewell, singles can jump right to assessing financial compatibility as soon as you start dating, so you don’t wait until things get serious only to find out that you have incompatible financial goals and habits.

Datewell is the latest feature from Borrowell that matches you with other singles based on your credit profile and financial preferences: 

  • your credit score

  • your money habits

  • your financial aspirations

  • your choice of credit card reward

  • what credit products you hold

How Datewell Works

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Why Are Your Credit Score and Report So Important?

Your credit report is like your financial report card, and your credit score is like your final grade. In Canada, banks and lenders review your credit when you apply for financial products. Your credit report can also be pulled by car dealerships, insurers, cell phone companies, landlords, and future employers to determine your ability to manage debt and meet financial obligations. Because of this, it's important to know your credit.

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Happy April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day

Ok ok, it's time for us to fess up. Our new dating feature is just a bit of fun for April Fools' Day. But even if your credit score can't unlock love, it is the key to getting the best credit products with the lowest interest rates, so you want to pay attention to it! Through Borrowell, you can access your credit score and full Equifax Canada credit report for free, with weekly updates so you can track your progress.

Check Your Credit Score

¹ Study conducted between Feb 14 to 28, 2023 on a random sample of Borrowell’s 2.5 million members across Canada. Margin of error is +/-2.5%, 19 times out of 20.