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Free Credit Check Canada

Get your credit check and monthly updates to your score, all for a cost of $0. Checking your report with Borrowell won't hurt your credit and will save you an estimated $23.95 per month.

Get My Free Credit Check

Over 1 million happy Borrowell members.

Borrowell is proudly Canadian and was first to offer free credit scores in Canada.

Why Improve Your Credit Score

Afford A New (or Newer) Car

A higher credit score would allow you to qualify for an auto loan that would help you afford your next car.

Get A New Home Or Improve Your Existing One

Landlords and banks check your credit report when you want to rent or buy a new home. A higher credit score could get you approved for a rental application, a mortgage, or a home improvement loan.

Qualify for Better Interest and Insurance Rates

Paying less towards interest and premiums means more savings stay in your bank account.

Top 5 Credit Myths

As Canada's leading credit education company we want to bust these common credit myths!

Checking your credit score hurts it.

Carrying a balance on your credit card improves your score.

Late payments do not hurt your credit score.

Co-signing does not affect your credit.

All credit reports are the same.

More than 1 Million Members Trust Borrowell!

Courtney M.


Love this! I was a little skeptical at first but it tells you who you still owe and how much. Currently using this to view my credit and pay off what I owe.

Andrea B.


I have been using Borrowell for over a year now and I am a happy customer. I get the real deal on my credit and good advice also!

Ashvin G.


Excellent service. Recommend to understand your finance and banking accounts, debt control, loan utilization to build a good credit score for lending purpose.

Do You Know Your Score?

Know Your Score To Improve It!

Your credit score is an indicator of your overall financial health and is a factor when getting a mortgage, loan or renting an apartment. You have to know your score to improve it and checking your score with Borrowell won't hurt your credit!

Get Your Free Credit Score

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Borrowell® is a registered trademark of Borrowell Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Equifax credit score is based on Equifax’s proprietary model and may not be the same score used by third parties to determine your credit profile. The score provided to you for educational use is the Equifax Risk Score.

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