Your Credit Score Dashboard Is Now Better Than Ever!

Robert Palumbo

Mar 30, 2017

We’ve made a complete redesign to your  dashboard and we would love for you to be among the first in Canada to try it out: New features include:

  • Updated User Interface:
  • this makes it easier than ever for you to understand where your credit health stands in relation to other Canadians. We also think that you will find that your experience on your mobile device is much improved!
  • Updated Credit Score Tracker:
  • this allows you to monitor your personalized credit score trends over time. As you continue your Borrowell journey, track your progress as your credit health improves over time. Bonus: Have you checked out our free 7-week 
  • yet?
  • Updated Recommendations:
  • we have teamed up with best of the best in the Canadian financial landscape to give you access to the lowest rates, hottest deals, and new products that will save you time and money. Plus, know your odds of approval with our ‘
  • Likelihood of Approval
  • ‘ indicator which is based on your credit score and other information.
  • Do you have any feedback on the latest update? Give us a shout at
  •  [email protected]

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we look to improve the experience and add new features!

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