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Find Credit-Approved Car Buyers with Borrowell

Looking for high-intent AND credit-approved car buyers? Become an official lender on Borrowell's platform to find qualified leads that match your appetite! We can connect you with high-quality leads who are specifically looking for auto loans. Over 2 million Canadians have signed up for Borrowell to get their credit score.

Find Leads with Borrowell
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Use Borrowell to Find Car Buyers

High-Intent Acquisition Channel

Launch a High-Intent Lead Gen Channel

Tired of looking aimlessly for car buyers? Get added to Borrowell's platform and our auto loan recommendation engine. Quickly get your auto loan offers in front of high-intent car buyers across Canada. Thousands of Borrowell members click on auto loan recommendations each month.

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Get Credit-Verified Leads

Get Credit-Verified Leads

Don't waste time on non-qualified leads. We'll recommend your auto loan offers to credit-approved Borrowell members. All lead data, including name, address, phone number, and credit score, is verified against Equifax credit reports.

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Provide Tailored Offers by Customer Segment

Provide Tailored Offers by Customer Segment

Personalization leads to high engagement. Leverage Borrowell's data and provide personalized offers to high-intent car buyers that match your risk appetite. Get in front of leads that you KNOW are interested AND credit-approved.

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What Borrowell does Better than Other Sources



  • Credit-Verified Leads
  • High-Intent Car Buyers
  • Full Provisional Coverage
  • Leads are never resold
  • Consistent leads from 2 million memberbase
  • Personalized Marketing Opportunities

Other Sources

  • No Credit Verification
  • Low-Quality Leads
  • No Provisional Coverage
  • Reselling the same leads over and over again
  • Inconsistent lead source
  • Limited engagement opportunities

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Get Credit-Approved Leads

Start receiving a consistent volume of high-intent and credit-approved car buyers!

Become an Auto Dealer on Borrowell's Platform

Ready to find credit-approved car buyers with Borrowell? Fill out the form below and apply to become an official lender on Borrowell's platform. We can connect you with high-quality leads who are looking for auto loans AND match your credit profile.